JS3-RES available for rent… Soon!

15m and 18m wingtips

Rear Electric Selflauncher

Or fly as sustainer with extended range

The Cockpit

Brand New

Built in 2020 Please don’t scratch it…

The Equipment

Competition Ready

Rental Rates

Price per day
(€, ex VAT)
Price per day
(€, incl 21% VAT)
JS3 RES 18m
≤7 days235284,35
≥10 days230278,30
≥14 days225272,25
≥20 days220266,20
JS3 RES 15m
≤7 days205248,05
≥10 days200242,00
≥14 days195235,95
≥20 days190229,90
(€, ex VAT)
(€, incl 21% VAT)
Deposit (fully refundable¹)3000N/A
Self launch (per launch²)2024,20
Oxygen system (per day)2024,20
Oudie IGC (per day)1012,10
Prices in Euro (EUR). The minimum rental period is 2 days.
WGC / EGC rentals: price + 5% (insurance fee).
¹The deposit is fully refundable in of case of no damage. Any open amounts or fees will be subtracted from the refundable deposit amount.
²Self launching fee to accommodate battery wear. Maximum 2 self launches per day.

Ferrari of the Sky

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EHHO - Hoogeveen Airport - The Netherlands
+31 627354004 (WhatsApp)
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